Artist Statement / CV

I incorporate the environment into my artistic process while also
challenging my once former horizons. I enjoy creating “found object” sculptures and
mixed media paintings around the destruction of our environment and current
political climate. I frequently work with 35mm Black & White film because of
the exquisite tonal contrast you can capture, along with the seemingly
timeless quality that Black & White photos can achieve. By staging tableau’s
and using a variety of fast & slow shutter speeds, I hope my images create an
intimate narrative with each viewer.
I aspire to celebrate the ordinary and explore the nature of our fears. There is
art in everything we do as humans and I would like to provide a stage for the
lesser shown subjects. Shadows come alive in Black & White images, creating
a story of their own and symbolizing our mortality in a way that is unique to
this medium.
In this age of vibrant colors, artists choose this monochrome medium
because of the profound impact it has on its viewers. Images are redefined
and the luminosity that Black & White photos seem to attain, leaves me mesmerized.


Beau Thomas

Beau Thomas was born April 23rd, 1990 in Morgan Hill, CA.
2012 moved to Atwater, CA.
2017 moved to Marina, CA.
Currently works in Monterey, CA.

B.A. in Visual & Public Arts from California State University Monterey Bay 2019
A.A. in Early Childhood Development from Merced College

Feb. 14th 2018 – Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

Nov 2017 – KSBW 8 interview about Salinas Chinatown Art Intervention Project

Artist Statement Beau Thomas

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